Why movement matters in retail

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When something moves, we pay closer attention to it.

But how stagnant is your business?

A couple of weeks ago we had a fun post on our Facebook page with those air filled stick men they often have on top of a Godfreys store denoting a ‘special event’  (yes one of many). But it doesn’t have a sign saying sale, all we know is that it signifies something going on.

In my younger days as a DJ then event manager I knew the power of moving lights on the dance floor. No one wanted to be the first to move there, so if you had lights moving first it would always be easier to refill the dance floor if the brides brother’s request turned out to be a dud!

When you walk in to a store, a lack of movement makes a buyer feel awkward. They don’t want to be the only thing moving in a dead space.

If you have a store on a street that has fast moving traffic going past, how easy is it for them to notice your store? You need something that moves to catch the eye.

Our eyes are trained to notice movement. If something is moving toward us, we may perceive it as a threat. You should even consider how a sales person moves toward a customer. If they approach from head on and in close proximity, that can be off putting.

So if you find that people don’t notice you, then look at introducing some movement whether it be on a screen or some moving product.

If they walk in and walk out even if you haven’t approached them, give them some movement (or even some sound) to help them feel less self-conscious.

When people do notice you and come in to the store but are defensive when you greet them, maybe change the way you move to a less confronting pathway.

Having said all this there is one time when still is better…that is, when everything else is moving. The eye will detect the thing most different. 

And for those who missed it… here’s the GIF that made us chuckle:

movement 01 video still

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