Time for a new logo?

We all know that brand is not just a logo, but you have to admit a logo is still an important part. I see a lot of businesses change theirs as often as their cars…

So should you change yours? Here are 5 things to consider before you even start the process.

1. Why are you doing this? 
Everything about marketing is building trust and familiarity with audiences. Is there a specific reason you think you need a new logo? For example you might think your business needs a refresh. My question to you would be, “would it be better to invest in things that better the customer experience?”. Unless the experience is dead set perfect, and I bet it isn’t, then the logo isn’t where your attention should be going.

2. Does the existing logo have context? 
“Is this logo any good?” I’m often asked that question with the expectation of a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer. That’s impossible for me to answer properly, that question can’t be answered without knowing the context. To answer that with any level of expertise, we must first know how it needs to perform, who it needs to attract, the thoughts it needs to conjure and the values it needs to represent.

3. Better to evolve than change 
The only time I’d recommend a business do a ‘complete rebrand’ is when it was in trouble. If the last owners had built a bad reputation (in which case I hope you didn’t pay for any goodwill), or if your product has become irrelevant and you’re keeping the bones of the business but essentially building a new one.

If your business is still relevant and you just want to stay on trend, adopt the Coca-Cola method of logo change, do it softly. In such a way that the brand mark is still familiar. The only time Coca-Cola changed their logo drastically was in 1985, and that became a year of either ‘branding legend’ or ‘attention grabbing conspiracy’. If your ears have just pricked up and you’re curious… watch the video ‘The 1985 Launch of New Coke’ 

4. Test it first
Don’t ask your friends what they think, ask potential and best current customers what they think. Friends don’t know the context and probably aren’t even users of your business. Remember a good logo must attract the people who will be your best customers.

5. Do the switch properly
Depending on how drastic the logo ‘evolution’ don’t have two logos out there in the market place at the same time. It’s just confusing – it creates clutter, the complete opposite of smart marketing. If you can’t afford to make a logo change and take it across your buildings, cars, business cards, stationery, website etc. then save a bit longer. 

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