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Brand optimiser Rick Marton lives and breathes his passion for seeing people succeed. It’s something you’ll feel the moment he walks on stage.

In business from the age of 14 (or 10 if you count him selling his parents car while they were at work), he’s given startups a flying start, worked with multinationals on launching new technology to market, helped national companies become market leaders but most importantly has helped small businesses thrive despite competition from the big guys.

Presentations are tailored to the client industry to ensure the audience always get the most relevant, effective and tangible ideas ready to implement as soon as they leave the room.

Rick has 63 years experience….if you’re wondering how that’s possible, be sure to ask him when next you meet.

Speaking topics include:

Snap into it

for small business

In a world of globalisation it seems the world’s big brands continue to dominate. This dynamic, interactive presentation leaves the audience with simple to understand, up-to-the-minute insights in to building a brand people rave about, helping them to trigger and maximise the power of word of mouth.


for individual professionals

It’s not just big business that has a brand. Every person has a brand whether they know it or not. What makes an individual special? What value do they contribute? If they were in the elevator with their dream employer, what would they say to trigger the opportunity of a lifetime? This enjoyable interactive presentation is designed to help professionals get offered the jobs they dream of.


for High School and College students

This could also be called “How not to screw your future on social media”. Did you know the advice most students in schools are give is to lock their social media down so prospective employers can’t check up on them? What if we showed them how to use social media to get the jobs they want? A powerful 45 minute presentation for school leavers, showing them the importance of owning their unique personal brand, protecting job prospects and using social media to their advantage.

Are you a corporate interested in supporting this? Please contact us to discuss a roll out of this valuable life-changing schools program.