Is your Brand an all-round Habit?

Tips on brand building habits every day business

Our ‘Touchpoints’ blog is written to tease out, understand, share and spark action on two important things – brand and touchpoints.

Lets be honest, organisations are recognised for their touchpoints that  either grow or detract from building a great brand. Either could be you!

It doesn’t matter if you’re advertising is great, it doesn’t matter how good your stores look – if your business is flat and doesn’t offer a unique brand to the market then it simply won’t be as effective as it could be. That may not be what you want to hear… #sorrynotsorry.

You must focus on getting the basics simplified so that your teams deliver your values, culture and personality.  Convincingly.

Here’s the fun part! I ask you to answer the following questions (in your mind is fine) within 30 seconds, here goes:

  • What does your company promise in their slogan? (this should be easy)
  • What is your core value to the client i.e. why do they come to you?
  • What is the brand personality of your company?
  • What sets your organisation apart from competitors?

So, I’m hoping you didn’t struggle too much to come up with the answers. But the real test is this:

If you asked these questions of everyone in your organisation would they give the same answers?

Scary Fact: When hosting a trade show in Adelaide a few years ago I encountered a scary situation. Trade shows and exhibitions are a big investment and you want to maximise face time with possible customers. As the host, I pre-warned all exhibitors that I would be back in 10 minutes to discuss a ‘call to action’ and I’d like to know their Point of Difference – what it is that sets them apart from their competitors. Many had 3 or 4 direct competitors in the room. After 10 minutes only 3 in every 10 exhibitors were able to tell something that would stand out. Lost opportunity!

The Shining light: One exhibitor that did ‘stick’ in my memory is Kumho Tyres. Their point of difference that they quickly delivered was their culture of innovation and trying new things – their slogan being: “What’s next is already here”. They’ve invented an aroma tyre that smells of Lavender. I’m told (but it’s not mentioned in their advertising) that it was originally a trial to see if ‘burning rubber’ could smell any nicer. Once they trialled it they also found it had superior handling and lower road noise. The point is that these guys knew their brand and had an example to back it up.

Effective Naturally champions the 4 pillars of ‘promise, value, personality, difference’ as the foundations to a strong and consistent brand. They allow organisations to confidently advertise a promise they know they can consistently deliver. Consistent delivery is what builds trust and it’s only when trust has been earned that an organisation could expect to the positive word of mouth and customer loyalty that is enjoyed by the best brands in the world.

If you want to read more on the benefits of positive word of mouth read my blog on brand evangelism, or take action right now and check out our coaching opportunities.

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