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Brand Optimiser Session

Don’t let anything hold your business back…


A Brand Optimiser session is a 3 part process for small to medium businesses.

Part 1. The Factfinder online – tell us your challenges in business, in the industry and answer some questions that will allow Rick to do some research before you meet.

Part 2. The Get-together – we bring you (and your other decision makers together if you like) for a 3 hour session. In this time we’ll spot the highest priority requirements of what needs to be done and the quickest things you can change to make your marketing more effective. We’ve saved a client over $23,000 in one session.

Part 3. The report – we’ll collate all the details we spoke about in a 2-3 page list of actions and opportunities.

Package price: $1400+GST
One space available per month

Rates guaranteed to December 31, 2017 *subject to availability

Strategic Marketing Coaching

Successful business people surround themselves with the best advice…


A time bank is a 12 month block of time that allows you to contact Rick whenever you need for a guaranteed 12 hour return advice timeline.

Our select list of clients use this resource for a combination of tasks including:

  • monthly strategy meetings to make sure their efforts are effective
  • implementing measures for their marketing campaigns
  • advice and measuring effectiveness of traditional advertising such as television, print and radio
  • audit of marketing costs and checking the costs per conversion of each customer
  • learning more about marketing processes including the techniques used by the multinational brands
  • proactive advice on minimising the risk of a potential PR problem
  • optimising award submissions
  • promoting the importance of the brand to staff through interactive workshops
  • social media advice and strategy, even as far as sharing logins so we can fix ‘boosting’ issues

These spaces are limited to a total of 400 hours per year to ensure fair accessibility for clients.
Together we can play the game better than your competitors.


50 hours per year: $9,900 + GST (payable in 10 monthly instalments of $990 + GST) or $8900 + GST paid up front
100 hours per year: $17,400 + GST (payable in monthly instalments of $1740 + GST) or $15,900 + GST paid up front

Rates guaranteed to December 31, 2017 *subject to availability

Momentum : Marketing Roadmap

A step-by-step roadmap designed to help you win the game and drive positive momentum


The quality of a strategy shouldn’t be determined by how long it is, but by how effective it can be with the least complication.

A Momentum strategy is designed for businesses that want a plan that doesn’t just identify what needs to be done, but an actionable roadmap that shows the who, how, why and when of each initiative.

These roadmaps have been created for startup businesses through to organisations with 7 figure marketing budgets.

The comprehensive strategy includes but is not limited to:

  • identifying priority audiences and the motivations that will accelerate profit growth
  • the most cost effective media to reach your target audiences including an assessment of previous marketing activity
  • understand and test your key messages that really set you apart from competitors
  • work out ways to acquire and maintain long term customer communications channels both during the customer experience and after
  • identify clear ways to measure the effectiveness of each marketing dollar you spend to ensure your budget becomes more streamlined over time
  • include online search, social and other electronic channels
  • staff and customer surveys to identify opportunities within the customer experience
  • clarification of your brand voice and visual identity
  • recognise and leverage the power of reviews
  • tailored creative campaigns to drive business outcomes and engage audiences
  • and true to our own brand values, our roadmaps are brutally honest about anything that may need to be improved in the service or delivery of the product

Momentum roadmaps require between 50 and 100 hours worth of work to deliver a concise 20-30 page, easy to follow plan. You also have 5 hours of phone support across the year with Rick and a 3 month and 6 month follow up.

Investment is dependent on the size of the organisation and time required.
Due to the intense nature of these roadmaps Rick will only commit to one per financial year therefore we recommend booking early.