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Rick has a knack of taking a complex strategy and making it simple enough to be effective.  Now at age 40, he’s been in business for 25 years and has accumulated a centenary of industry experience of positioning organisations to become brands people rave about.

He works with organisations who understand the strongest pathway to sustainability and profitability is by putting people at the centre of their organisations.

He’s assisted small businesses, individual brands, public organisations and global brands in connected with their target audience and has a knack for turning challenges in to opportunities through trust and engagement.

A bit about Rick:

  • Founding Director of Tourism Northern Tasmania
  • Director of Relationships Australia Tasmania inc Chair of Speak Up Stay ChatTY
  • Director of Theatre North
  • Graduate of AICD Company Directors course
  • Event Director for the 2018 Qantas Australian Tourism Awards
  • Lead grass roots campaigner for the ‘Yes’ side
  • Politically centred and works with all sides
  • Rotarian including past president
  • Owns 3 successful short term accommodation properties with 5 star reviews
  • Owner of Effective Naturally, who manage digital marketing and all social media communications for a range of brands last year delivering over 1 million customer interactions.

Wondering how a person of 40 can have 100 years experience?  Ask when you make contact…

Brand Optimiser Sessions

Don’t let anything hold your business back…

A Brand Optimiser session is a 3 part process for small to medium businesses.

Part 1. The Factfinder online – tell us your challenges in business, in the industry and answer some questions that will allow Rick to do some research before you meet.

Part 2. The Get-together – we bring you (and your other decision makers together if you like) for a 3 hour session. In this time we’ll spot the highest priority requirements of what needs to be done and the quickest things you can change to make your marketing more effective. We’ve saved a client over $23,000 in one session.

Part 3. The report – we’ll collate all the details we spoke about in a 2-3 page list of actions and opportunities.

Package price: $1500+GST
One space per month
Next booking September 2019.

Momentum : Marketing Formula

Designed to help you win the game and drive positive momentum…

Our approach is evidence based and as such we prefer to work with businesses that have traded for at least 2 years so we can analyse past trends and opportunities.

These formulas are created with the view to save you money and ensure every dollar expended on marketing is being utilised for maximum impact.

A simply conveyed, actionable 32 page marketing formula includes:

  • Positioning the brand as an influencer
  • Clarify segmented audiences, their needs, motivations, habits and pain points
  • Identify an opportunity to be a disruptor in the market
  • Prioritise your strongest selling point
  • Clarify the brand values, ethics and vision
  • Determine our language and check if our current wording truly resonates with our ideal audiences
  • Optimisation of content delivery on social media channels
  • A 12 month calendar of activations and priorities
  • Listing of all suitable marketing channels and how to activate them
  • Ethical customer data acquisition plan
  • Team engagement to ensure your workforce are your best salesforce
  • Resourcing matrix to determine what should be done in house v external
  • A measurement table to ensure all marketing initiatives have clear measures of success

Once the formula has been delivered, it’s supported with 5 hours of extra access to Rick across the year as well as a 3 and 6 month follow up.

Investment dependent on organisation/industry complexity
Starting at $17,600 ex GST

Brand Advisory

Trust is the currency of the 21st century.

Positioning your organisation as a trusted brand isn’t just smart risk management, it’s also a competitive advantage that costs you nothing to hold on to. Rick’s strong sense of empathy together with a hunger for evidence based research creates a valuable resource for any organisation needing objective advice in the realms of public relations, product development, marketing and social license.

Rick’s time is limited, so time bank retainers are available to a limited number of clients each year. If brand strategy together with an objective, up to the minute marketing advisor is a gap in your executive management lineup, Rick may be able to add value to your strategic direction and any challenges or opportunities that may arise.

Read what the Australian Institute of Company Directors had to say about building trusted organisations.

Time bank starts at 100 hours per year at $25,000 ex GST