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Where’s your magic button?

Just the other day I found myself in the situation where I was asking business representatives, “What sets you apart?”. The answer I often get is ‘our service’. But what about the service – is it good, bad, quick, slow?

  • When was the last time you heard any business promise bad service?
  • Does everyone have the same idea of what good service is?
  • If you’re going to promise service that’s special, then I want to know exactly what’s so special about it.

Over the past few days of travel I’ve been staying in a Hilton hotel. As you arrive, the concierge welcomes you to your room and after your inspection lets you know that if there is anything you need just press the Magic button found on the phone. The bathrobe is offered for your convenience and comfort but if you wish to purchase one, just press the magic button.  If there isn’t enough space in the fridge for your personal food then you guessed it…hit the magic button and they’ll bring you an extra fridge!

So why is this Magic button special? Well really it’s just a button on the phone – but it’s what it represents that’s special. It‘s the key to Hilton Service. Hilton hotels are renowned for a culture of exceptional service, but this provides the quick and easy key to accessing it. I’m told they’ve even found a signed, framed poster of a football player for a guest via magic button request.

The Point…

Customer service in every business should be great. If you’re going to use it as the ‘thing’ that sets you apart, make sure your small business brand experience and customer service strategy:

    • Is clearly defined to suit the service level of your perfect customer – the other day I heard someone at McDonalds complain to the person next to them because they’re getting ‘too fancy’. Remember customer delight comes from delivering on the type of service they’ve come to expect. People travelling Jetstar are generally quite satisfied because they don’t expect much.
    • Has a point in the experience where every customer interacts with a unique talkworthy signature (like the Hilton Magic button or Tom’s shoes where every pair of shoes you buy automaically has a pair sent to a third world country).

Need a hand finding the ‘magic button’ in your business? Coaching with Rick Marton can help you map your customer experience and work out a service signature that will get people talking. Book time here.

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