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We’re data driven marketers that know how to win hearts and minds. 


The most effective form of marketing is word of mouth. It always will be because people trust their friends more than they trust ads!

Simple really.

For business to succeed alongside global players, they need to know how to win at the same game the global guys are playing. Through the creation of measurable marketing formulas, we optimise brands to generate their own momentum – maximising sales to your best potential customers.

We don’t take commissions. Instead we build communities of people raving about your brand through social channels and review sites whilst making sure your brand is front and centre when a potential customer is looking for a product.


Your honest friends with a challenging spirit


In today’s business world relationships are everything. As such, we choose to work with businesses that value the lifetime relationship with their customer. Our goal is to give your customers a reason to rave about you, then give them the online platforms to make it known. To keep you at the height of your game we’re your honest friend with a challenging spirit.

Some of what we do…

  • Refine and position your brand to attract the most profitable customers
  • Create talkworthy customer experiences
  • Design and deliver ‘human’ digital experiences including social media and search
  • Create measurable marketing plans to get the most from every dollar
  • Build inbound marketing automations based on intuitive and valuable client databases
  • Generate sales and accelerate positive word of mouth

Rick Marton
Brand & Culture Strategist

Rick has a knack of taking a complex strategy and making it simple enough to be effective.  He has 83 years industry experience helping individuals and businesses become brands people rave about. He works with customer-centric clients to achieve natural momentum through brand alignment across the entire customer journey from awareness to advocacy.

He specialises in building social license, maximising brand value and transitioning business to remain successful in a rapidly changing world.

Rick has previously held the role of Founding Director of Tourism Northern Tasmania and is currently a Director of Relationships Australia Tasmania and Theatre North.

Wondering how a person of 39 can have 83 years experience?  Ask when you next see him…

Rafe Payne marketing Strategist Launceston

Rafe Payne
Marketing Strategist

Rafe recently joined us after four years working with an international media company helping small, medium and large Tasmanian businesses achieve their goals.

Knowing the power of digital marketing he fits our mission of making well-researched marketing investment recommendations, designed to maximise long-term business growth and transition business communications to be relevant and desirable to current and future generations.

Positioned alongside Rick in a strategic management role, Rafe was drawn to us for our reputation of locally driven, customised strategies within an ethos where the client’s best interests always come first.

He’s also got a pretty sharp wit on social media too. That always helps!

Suse Henshaw
Results Coordinator and Social Community Management

Suse has the enviable role of keeping everything in our office running smoothly so nothing gets in the way of delivering effective outcomes for our clients.  Her strengths lie in keeping things simple, she has an eagle eye for detail and was born to organise.  She also has a beautiful, calming way about her that is perfect for cool, calm and reasonable social media replies on behalf of our client brands. 

With a persistent and unwavering commitment to ensuring we all achieve our goals, Suse keeps everyone on track and laser focused (well, she gives it a good go anyway, Rick’s brain is sometimes hard to tame!).

More importantly though, Suse bakes great sweet treats. We love her!

Matt D’Orazio
Search Optimiser

When a potential customer is looking for you or a business like you on Google, Matt’s here to make sure you’re likely to be found ahead of your competitor. His tasks range from assessing rankings of a web page, to constantly checking and optimising a client website to work to it’s optimal performance.

We consistently see the majority of traffic to websites coming from organic search by a large amount, highlighting how important these skills are in the marketing mix.

You might also see him behind a camera when clients have some extra special things happening.