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Social media



We’re data driven marketers that know how to win hearts and minds. 

The most effective form of marketing is word of mouth. It always will be because people trust their friends more than they trust ads!

Simple really.

For business to succeed alongside global players, they need to know how to win at the same game the global guys are playing. Through the creation of measurable marketing formulas, we optimise brands to generate their own momentum – maximising sales to your best potential customers. We’re an agency that won’t ever take commissions even when we negotiate traditional media partnerships because we want our clients to know that every recommendation we made was for them, not for us.

We build communities of people raving about your brand through social channels and review sites whilst making sure your brand is front and centre when a potential customer is looking for a product.


Your honest friends with a challenging spirit

In today’s business world relationships are everything. As such, we choose to work with businesses that value the lifetime relationship with their customer. Our goal is to give your customers a reason to rave about you, then give them the online platforms to make it known. To keep you at the height of your game we’re your honest friend with a challenging spirit.

Some of what we do…

  • Refine and position your brand to attract the most profitable customers
  • Create talkworthy customer experiences
  • Design and deliver ‘human’ digital experiences including social media and search
  • Create measurable marketing plans to get the most from every dollar
  • Build inbound marketing automations based on intuitive and valuable client databases
  • Generate sales and accelerate positive word of mouth

The Effective Team

Rick Marton Brand Strategist

Rick Marton
Brand Strategist

Rick has a knack of taking a complex strategy and making it simple enough to be effective.  Now at age 40, he’s been in business for 25 years and has accumulated a centenary of industry experience of positioning organisations to become brands people rave about.

He works with organisations who understand the strongest pathway to sustainability and profitability is by putting people at the centre of your organisation.

He’s assisted small businesses, individual brands, public organisations and global brands in connected with their target audience and has a knack for turning challenges in to opportunities through trust and engagement.

A bit about Rick:

  • Founding Director of Tourism Northern Tasmania
  • Director of Relationships Australia Tasmania inc Chair of Speak Up Stay ChatTY
  • Director of Theatre North
  • Graduate of AICD Company Directors course
  • Event Director for the 2018 Qantas Australian Tourism Awards
  • Lead grass roots campaigner for the ‘Yes’ side
  • Politically centred and works with all sides
  • Rotarian including past president
  • Owns 3 successful short term accommodation properties with 5 star reviews
  • Owner of Effective Naturally, who manage digital marketing and all social media communications for a range of brands last year delivering over 1 million customer interactions.

Wondering how a person of 40 can have 100 years experience?  Ask when you make contact…

program Director

Scott Peters
Program Director


Scott has over 10 years experience in creating and implementing marketing and sales strategies for local and national brands. Scott’s role keeps our efforts strategically focused and ensures the Effective Naturally team plan and execute successful marketing programs.


Clint Leonard

Clint Leonard
Creative Director

Clint brings the essence of our clients to life through engaging content. He’s run his own business as a corporate photographer, videographer, and content creator for over a decade and is still in demand together with his wife Bethanie for select corporate and wedding clients. Before running his own business, Clint worked in print media and radio and now for most of the week he’s overseeing the consistency and detail of how our clients are presented at Effective Naturally.

Matt Dorazio

Matt D’Orazio
Online Growth Specialist – SEO/SEM

When a potential customer is looking for you or a business like you on Google, Matt’s here to make sure you’re likely to be found ahead of your competitor. 

A bit about Matt:

  • Proven experience with implementing SEO strategies and achieving results.
  • Knowledge of SEO, Google Ads, Google Analytics, My Business, Search Console and Tag Manager.
  • Proficient with analytics software and SEO tools particularly SEMrush.

We consistently see the majority of traffic to websites coming from organic search by a large amount, highlighting how important these skills are in the marketing mix.

You might also see him behind a camera at special client events. 


Jesse Benjamin
Digital Content and Paid Social

Jesse joined the team in July 2019 after working for himself for a number of years as a creative professional based in Launceston, Tasmania.

He’s a cat type of guy and has spent a fair bit of volunteer time for the cats home, giving each feline a bit of marketing moment to find a new home.

He brings to the team a wide range of skills including photography, videography, graphic design, content writing, and website management, as well as strategic input. 


Might like to join our team?

We have a range of roles in our organisation and are happy to be contacted if you believe you can add value for our clients.

Some things about us:

  • Effective has been around 10 years and doubled our size in the last 24 months – we’re here to stay and grow as a team.
  • We work with ethical clients so you can be assured we’ll never ask you to sell your soul!
  • We offer flexible working hours as long as you deliver your work when you say you will.
  • We have a beautiful office space to work in although you can work from home when you like to too!
  • You’re expected to always do your very best because we want to do everything in our power to see our clients achieve their goals.
  • As an Employer of Choice we invest in our people now and in to their future.